The Speed Of Light 

A Short Summary 

The Speed Of Light is a collection that grew out of a bigger long form algorithm I am working on. The short summary on the algorithm is that it basically takes an image, warps it to some rules I have set, mixes the colors on each warp based on the original image, and then repeats that process a few times. The result is an image that if compared to the original, is unrecognizable. After the warp it is then run through a black and white filter with some simple dithering to make the contrast between different levels of brightness more pronounced. The final result is a strong composition of form and color that feels like it came from a different world.


The collection consists of 5 different pieces of art that each come paired with a physical counterpart. The print will be 50x50cm in size, and will be printed on Epson Fine Art Cotton Smooth Natural paper (300g/m2) using high quality archival inks, and will be signed by me :)

All the costs of the print + shipping will be covered by me.

Print Example

The Collection 

Link to collection on foundation: Click here I'll be going over each piece with a little thought process behind it as well below:

WootScoot Passholders

If you are a WootScoot passholder you can choose to purchase any piece in the collection with an offer above 0.25 eth before the auction starts. This will guarantee you the piece, which is why the starting price is set a bit higher than the auctions' starting price. If you are interested in this option, please contact me on Twitter and we'll get it sorted out.

#1 / Speed 

#1 / Speed

Speed was the output that started it all. I was exploring a method of turning the colourful outputs of the original algorithm into black and white counterparts. Almost like a silhouette. When this output came out I was completely shocked! And realised this was a unique direction that needed its own name.

The reason I paired this output with the principle speed is because of the feeling it exerted. If you look at the center of the image and zoom in a bit you find the strong central form that looks almost like those speed-lines you see in cartoons:

Cartoon Speed Lines

This inspired the name The Speed Of Light as well, and kickstarted the entire collection.

#2 / Velocity 

#2 / Velocity This output was my favourite from the initial exploration I did right after #1 came to be. It uses a seperate "warping" mode, different from the more wavy mode used in #1.

It explores the feeling of velocity, not acceleration in the way that it is an object in motion, and it's moving fast. I wanted to emphasise the feeling of being in motion, which is why I warped the background in the opposite way that the object is moving. After doing this it created a really nice sense of movement in the piece that made it my favourite at first (my new favourite will come by later ;)

#3 / Linear Motion 

#3 / Linear Motion Of all the principles of motion, this one I was the least familiar with. After thinking about it for a while I figured I could also take this literally, and so I did. I made sure to tune the warping algorithm so that the object would move in a straight line, depicting linear motion. I also tried to incorporate the feeling of going at a steady pace by making the warp intensity equal everywhere, in contrast to the dynamic intensity on #2.

#4 / Momentum 

#4 / Momentum Momentum is the product of an objects' velocity by its mass. To depict this as well as I could I tried to show an object of much larger mass than any of the other iterations, bigger than the window itself, falling down. This piece is definitely the most abstract of them all, but feels super rigid as well. Almost like a structure of great proportion.

#5 / Acceleration 

#5 / Acceleration There it is, acceleration. I'm extremely excited on how this one turned out, as it depicts exactly what I had in mind for this principle. It shows how an object at different times can move at different speeds. Like a wave of moments, each moment depicting a certain acceleration. It quickly turned into my favourite of them all. I really tried to fill the screen with information on this piece, and highlight the beauty of acceleration as a principle in a different form than what you usually see.

The Sale 

Each piece will be auctioned off on different dates, each piece will have its own day that it gets auction off at. The auctions will start at 0.1 eth and run for 24 hours.

Keep in mind that the pieces come with a physical signed print as well! Which you can claim by contacting me over on Twitter.

The auctions will be held on the foundation collection page, and you can find them by clicking on this link.

Auction schedule:

Each auction will start as soon as the first bid comes in, after that it will run for 24 hours.

#1 / Speedclick here
#2 / Velocityclick here
#3 / Linear Motionclick here
#4 / Momentumclick here
#5 / Accelerationclick here

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