Wouter Missler, known as WootScoot is a developer, designer, and generative artist from the Netherlands, experimenting with code to create conceptual works, conveyed using geometric and organic forms, noise fields, texture, and motion.

His artistic process starts with having fun and experimenting with different concepts, without wholefully defining them, and seeing where they take him. Feeling a sense of freedom when faced with a blank canvas, exploring art through play and experimentation.

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Wouter Missler

Featured Piece 

Cover Image for The Bayer Kernel

The Bayer Kernel

An exploration in bayer-matrix dithering. Based on a four by four bayer-matrix, this piece explores the texture and feel a simple algorithm like dithering can add. The feeling of organic perlin-noise based form contrasting with the sharp rigid form of the dither creates a great feeling of balance.

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Cover Image for OMNIA


OMNIA is an audiovisual experience, a collaboration between a Musician (SGAR) and two Generative Artists (WootScoot / Alejandro Campos). The visuals build on simulated natural phenomena, exploring how sound-waves travel through fluids and surfaces. A deep look into the process.

Cover Image for Desolate


Desolate is a piece exploring the duality of solitude. A state of being that can be both peaceful and terrifying. Realised with glsl shaders and p5.js

Cover Image for Asterium Prints

Asterium Prints

A website where you can order prints of Asterium if you are eligible to do so. You can also view high resolution outputs of the artwork there.

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