Chroma Rush 

Chroma Rush is a generative artwork I created using p5+webgl. It's an experiment in color mixing using non-traditional methods, combined with a simple shape packing algorithm.

The shader in Chroma Rush moves pixels based on a noise field and blends their colors with the previous ones. The resulting color palette is a dynamic display of mixed hues and shades. I tried to model the color mixing after how it works with paints, but with my own twist. I extracted the hues from the colors and mixed them based on some different mixing modes (selected by a certain slider).

The artwork also features clusters of simple geometric shapes arranged using a shape packing algorithm. The resulting patterns are mesmerizing and constantly evolving.

Expect a more detailed write up in the near future! Currently setting up this webpage, and wanted to make the high-res outputs available to everybody. Hence this short write up on the piece.

Find high res outputs for each iteration here.

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Asterium Prints 

Cover Image for Asterium Prints